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Connectivity :: Options

Choose the connectivity model you need for your installations



There is a wide range of options to purchase a subscription to Z-Pivot Connectivity.

Your installation will require a specific type of product. Here there are some options.

Subscription duration


All subscriptions have a duration of one full year from the start date of the subscription.

The user can promote their subscription level at any time, which will extend the functionality to the next level, keeping the date of the end of the original subscription, from which it has been promoted. The cost of the promotion to the next level will be proportional to the price of the level, as well as the time remaining for expiration.

In the following renewal, the subscription will be extended for another year, at the level at which it is at the time of renewal, and at the corresponding price.

The renewal price will be subject to the price established at the time of renewal, for that level.

All prices shown do not include the VAT.

You can only communicate with field devices that have an Internet connection.




Connectivity commissioning procedure


The procedure for connectivity functionality begins with a user registration prior to subscription. This record can be done here. You will be asked for the user identification data, along with an email account and password that you will establish yourself.

Once registered, it will identify your field devices on which the subscription that you then hire will act. Therefore, it is necessary that you have the field devices already installed and configured: the pivot and the control and communication elements, as well as the identification of each of them.

Once all these steps are covered, you can opt for one of the possible subscription models: basic, medium or high, depending on the number of field devices you have and the number of users you need to control them.

From that moment on, you will have the complete technical documentation to manage the subscription, its data and its devices, as well as a technical support channel of the whole set, through email.


Basic Subscription

Cost per pivot for a period of 12 months: € 200.


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